João Reis Fernandes Decode

Decoding technology, companies and talent

Decode was born to develop a more mobile, open and efficient future for companies and professional talents. By decoding the requirements of the market, we are leveraging innovation and business technology of companies, with experienced employees at competitive costs. Our aim is to provide to professionals stimulating technical challenges, decentralized work environments, knowledge and the right work life balance.

The company starts with an experienced team, with a disruptive offer and an innovative positioning. Our human resources will execute A to Z projects and will be the team extension of our partners continuous evolution. On the technical side, a bet will be placed preferably on robust, open technology and competitive prices. Our offer has three areas: Factory (Web & Mobile Development, BI & Big Data Analytics and Digital Experiences); Innovation (Artisans Academy and Special Operations Academy) and Education (Person Vue Center).

The disruptive character of Decode can also be seen in talent management. We follow the ambition of the new generations and the continuous evolution of the labour market, that favours work environments in a flexible and decentralized regimes. Our employees can work at our headquarters, in a hot seat and a clean table regime, remotely or at the offices of clients. Our employees have the access to an authorized Person Vue training center, where they can get their free certification in technologies such as Microsoft, Oracle, AWS, Python, among others.

According to João Reis Fernandes, Executive Director of Decode: “We seek to get the best of two worlds and to position ourselves as a hybrid between a consultant company and a software house. Our offer follows the current market, guided by competitiveness, with an agile and innovative offer. More than a company, we want to be a brand with qualifications, experienced professionals, with a strong identity and culture, as it is written in our manifest. The technological quality we offer is essential to the future of our clients and teams”.